January 25th, 2013 | News

Pehrspace co-founder Adam Hervey suffered a brainstem stroke on the morning of Jan. 16, not long after he’d completed a half-marathon. He is currently hospitalized and friends and family are already pulling together to help him with mounting recovery costs. Explains L.A. RECORD contributor Hane Lee:

he’s 36, otherwise healthy, recently ran a half marathon, so it was a huge shock to everyone. happened jan. 16 very early in the morning–he suddenly lost his hearing, which as you can imagine is terrifying for a musician, and was vomiting. rushed to glendale adventist. there were some complications–e.g., contracting pneumonia when he was intubated, which i guess is common. he just got out of ICU and is starting physical, speech, and occupational therapy. details on his progress can be found here:

Donations for Adam’s medical care can be made here. The goal is $30,000.

And just emailed to us—former Pehrlabel intern Pauline Lay shares this adorable story about the first-ever show at Pehrspace with Adam in 2006:

the first show was march 16, 2006–the same week adam and darren signed the lease. it was the band all the pehrlabel interns were in (sarah, aaron, me), seven times on the sea. we were going on tour and had only played two or three shows so we wanted to play once more before leaving. probably 10 people were there and it started late cos no one could find it. i had to drive around a few times and make a couple of phone calls. the space still had gross carpet from the office space before and we basically played in the dark because there was only a couple of office lamps to light the space. i think half of the people who wanted to see us missed it since it was hard to find and they were late.