November 26th, 2008 | News

Off the wire via: The Dudes

According to USA Today 2 days ago (or, USA 2 Days Ago), within the last 2 weeks, 55% of consumers say they’ve cut back markedly on spending. And of that 55%, 81% say they specifically are cutting back on concerts. Just in time for our tour.

So in light of the souring economy, and for your concertgoing convenience, we’d like to announce that for some/most/all/none of the rest of the tour, and most/not likely for years to come, we and The Strange Boys will be consolidating our sets into one exhilarating 9-man, 4-guitar, triple-lead vocal, dual-bass, dual-drum set. The name of this act will be called Strange Love. This will have a domino effect on costs, resulting in lower ticket prices, not to mention:
• No more boring downtime between sets.
• Less merch to buy.
• More eye candy.
• Better songs.

See you real soon!
Strange Love