July 1st, 2013 | Live reviews

beach party portrait by amberlie bankoff

Beach Party, oh Beach Party! How thy music coerced me into pegging innocent bystanders with bouncing beach balls thrown to the crowd, moshing like a teenager,  and sipping on a whiskey bottle in heavy rotation amongst dancing fans. Thus, I am left with a staggering hangover and literally barfing in a bag Sunday afternoon on Hollywood Blvd. amongst a sea of Japanese tourists and costumed superheroes! The quartet was amongst three bands who played Saturday night at what was supposed to be the L.A. Fort before getting moved to The Towne a block up. Radical Dads, Beach Party and Colleen Green completed a lineup curated by Dirty Laundry TV. I really dig these guys. There is an energy about Beach Party that makes people move and feel connected to the band. The band, consisting of James Hurst, James Macciocca, Rob Banks and Adam Arcos, melds West Coast psychedelia with a hybrid of interchanging vocals reminiscent of The Libertines. These guys are a skate video’s wet dream, with the hooks that can make you feel like you are riding the crest of a wave or sailing down gravel on a skateboard, very a la Dogtown Venice Beach surf punk. What separates Beach Party from other bands is its ability to not take itself too seriously. A packed house and hooks like “I can’t surf” over “I’m Not Your Stepping Stone” guitar riffs bounced around the walls in syncopation with the beach balls. It was definitely the band’s version of a beach party and whether or not they “can’t surf”, it’s hard to resist wanting to ride the wave.

Jacquelinne Cingolani