August 31st, 2011 | Live reviews

The Ettes show at the Echo brought to life the term “fabulous disaster” as singer/guitarist Lindsey “Coco” Hames took the stage visibly intoxicated. As bassist Jeremy Cohen set up Coco’s guitar, she writhed around the center of the stage leading one audience member
to say “I don’t think I paid enough for this show.” After about four songs and plenty of drunken banter, Coco fell to the side of the stage and the Echo pulled the plug. Nonetheless, the sizable audience seemed amused, thanks in no small part to the fact that, even when too drunk
to perform, Coco is still cute as hell and can finish a guitar solo as she falls to the ground. This type of behavior is also a total anomaly for the Ettes, so anyone at last nights show experienced a unique set. Other highlights of the evening included a debut performance by Oogly Boogly, a two piece comprised of ex Samhain drummer London May and Amit Italman (Tulsa Skull Swingers bassist and director of the Steve Allen Theater) on harmonica, which he played through an apparatus that created an insane distortion. The overall effect was a blend of whiskey soaked blues and a black mass service. Italman even read a Mesopotamian curse taken from an ancient text to start off the set. Following Oogly Boogly was Hans Condor, Nashville’s version of the MC5 on meth. And the show was topped off by Tulsa Skull Swingers who brought an early Halloween vibe with their freaky masks and Crampsy tunes.

—Vanessa Gonzalez