April 21st, 2011 | Live reviews

Porcelain Raft started out his set sounding a bit like a white boy Björk, cooing and sighing with a reverbed out guitar and accompanied by loops. You can tell there’s a lot of talent going into Mauro Remiddi’s laptopy shoegaze, and I really wanted to hear his quite-good voice fronting some sort of band, or at least an orchestra.

What to say about Yuck? Songs! Like with the G chord and all that. Something about Yuck’s “aw shucks” approach to recording and playing live is so disarming that all the “but wait, doesn’t this just sound like Teenage Fanclub and Yo La Tengo and Dinosaur Jr.” feeling goes right out the window. Yuck’s endearing self-titled debut has already become one the biggest growers of the year (think Girls’ Album) and their live show is everything you want it to be—sincere, scrappy and high on sugary vibes. The set’s movement showed there’s nary a stinker on Yuck’s sole album, moving from alternarock powerhouses like “The Wall” to sensitive ballads like “Suicide Policeman.” One of their best songs, the tender “Georgia,” nicely featured  bassist Mariko Doi’s lovely backup vocals, which could be utilized more. The band played one song not found on their album, the country-rocking “Milkshake,” and its two-chord, seven-minute stoner rocker “Rubber,” which I worried would be exhausting live, actually worked better than on record, letting fizzy distortion fill out every crevice in the room.

—Billy Gil