December 7th, 2017

The world is a difficult and alienating place, but when you find people who can understand and commiserate when the walls—or the practice-space ceiling—come crashing down, it somehow makes everything more bearable. L.A. trio Susan is Jessica Owen (guitar, vocals), Beth Borwell (bass, backing vocals) and Katie Fern (drums, backing vocals) and together they’re a testament to how creativity, compassion and friendship help manage the unpredictability of life. With music split between depicting promise and disappointment, Susan has found a way to communicate the struggle and hope in being a human being in the world today. Susan's new "TV Girls" EP is out on Volar on Fri., Dec. 8, and they perform with Dimber, Peach Kelli Pop and more at a record release show on Fri., Dec. 8, as well. This interview by Nathan Martel.



November 17th, 2017

Martin Rev is simultaneously a link to a bygone zeitgeist and a pioneer of the present. The legacy of his work as one half of the confrontational punk act Suicide extends to the most unexpected places—R.E.M., Bruce Springsteen, and countless synth-pop bands have cited them as an influence and turned them in some kind of godfather figures in American music. His music transmits his own language of protest—it's a crucial reminder and a much needed encouragement for these times, or for any times at all. Rev's Demolition 9 is available now from Atlas Realisations and Suicide's First Rehearsal Tapes reissue is out on Fri., Nov. 24, on Superior Viaduct. This interview by Christina Gubala.



November 16th, 2017

Dimber is the L.A. band that's supremely proud of making "upbeat music for downbeat people"—and they do! And here's a perfect example: the Husker Du/Dino Jr-style pop ripper "Dogs," the first track on the b-side of their firestarting 7" Damber EP—their vinyl debut!—out on Chainletter Collective on Friday, Nov. 17. They met with L.A. RECORD's Emily Twombly to talk about where they come from, how they got to L.A. and how they're already working on changing the world around them. Their record release show is Wed., Nov. 22, at the Hi Hat.



November 10th, 2017

Kool Keith is the Greatest Rapper Of All Time. From Ultramagnetic MCs’ first album Critical Beatdown in 1988 all the way up to his latest albums, Keith has had a huge impact and influence on the culture of hip-hop and on music and style in general. So jump on your favorite search engine, do your research and play some of his shit as you read this. Kool Keith performs on Mon., Nov. 13, at the Teragram Ballroom. This archival interview conducted last fall for the release of Keith's Feature Magnetic by the Koreatown Oddity a.k.a. Dominique Purdy.



November 3rd, 2017

Prophetic, dystopian, and dedicated to a razor-sharp aesthetic that’s more urgent New York than laid-back L.A., Superet have distinguished themselves with ease, leaving those who’ve seen the shows or streamed their music wondering who they are. Until now they’ve been shrouded in mystery, with a public bio states only that ‘Superet is a band.’ But this is the first time Matt Blitzer, Alex Fischel, Sam KS, Patrick Kelly, and Isaac Tamburino have sat for an interview, explaining where they come from, who they listen to, and why they are definitely not tweeting about Nature Valley. They begin their November residency at the Echo on Mon., Nov. 6. Their self-titled EP is out now on Rob The Rich. This interview by Madison Desler.



October 28th, 2017

The story of Uncle Jamm's Army is one that is uniquely L.A., and as such, the tale has largely escaped notoriety outside of southern California. Thirty-plus years later, it seems that the Army is finally set to receive their rightful recognition for their place in the history of hip hop, electro, and dance music. The City of Los Angeles formally recognized UJA, declaring October 28th Uncle Jamm's Army Day, just as Red Bull Music Academy released a documentary on the crew. It's safe to say, as an L.A. native—by way of Pasadena—that none of my records would exist in their current form without the sounds that Uncle Jamm's Army pushed. I sat down to talk with the Army's biggest star, the Egyptian Lover, as well as modern funk maven Dâm-Funk, who scored the documentary, and Will Abramson, the documentary's executive producer. Red Bull Music Academy presents Uncle Jamm's Army tonight, Oct. 28, at the Savoy Entertainment Center in Inglewood. The Note: Uncle Jamm's Army is streaming now on These interviews by XL Middleton.