November 18th, 2018 | Album reviews

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“Sweet Tooth”

If you lament the fact that grunge expunged every last bedazzled bit of joy from rock ‘n’ roll—and that Gibson declared bankruptcy, and that the Washington Post predicts “The End of the Electric Guitar”—take heart! New York-born glam rock torchbearers Blame Candy have packed up their feather boas, glittery platforms, and shining Stratocasters and set up thee olde candy shoppe right here on the sparkliest coast! They arrive bearing this brand new anthemic single that serves as a perfectly sugary theme song. With its big harmonies, bigger guitars, thunderbolts, lightning, caramel and cotton candy, “Sweet Tooth” might transport you to one of those legendary Van Halen backyard parties in Pasadena circa 1978 … just before the cops get called! Chris Greatti’s honey-dripping guitar licks could reanimate Jani Lane, and together with Aaron Deming shredding on rhythm, their sweet guitarmonies and T. Rex/New York Dolls/hair metal vibes might just give an increasingly stale rock ‘n’ roll genre a much-needed sugar high. A few other pioneering bands have attempted to bring the glamour back to rock, but it’s too often done without seriousness, without earnestness, without chops, or—perhaps most importantly—without pretty hair. The men of Blame Candy play guitar like they made a deal with the devil or Eddie Van Halen, and their manes appear blessed by the benevolently boogie-ing spirit of Marc Bolan. Are these the heroes who will help save the electric guitar? Well, they DO wear capes—covered in glitter, of course.

Donna Kern