January 30th, 2018 | Album reviews

Con Todo El Mundo
Dead Oceans

As the first sultry bass licks of Khruangbin‘s Con Todo El Mundo bloom between tight drum work and surfy guitar, the word ‘timeless’ springs to mind. While Spanish nomenclature is draped across the tracks as well as the album itself, its international feel is ironically (and iconically) American. The newly L.A.-based trio, originally hailing from Houston and at times London-based, has managed to distill a kind of concentrated polynational chic that makes for an captivating front-to-back listen. The band’s mix of influences—from vintage Siamese funk to groovy Iranian psychedelia—blossom gently into a sound that matches their name, which translates roughly to “flying engine.” Lyrics and vocal work here are spare and specific, whispered to fit neatly into—not on top of—the music. The result is a sophisticated jet-set kind of cool that doesn’t expire, landing somewhere near the vibrant intersection of funk, world and rock music, all kissed by a Mexican sea breeze as cuicas percolate deep in the mix.

—Christina Gubala