November 21st, 2017 | Album reviews

damber EP
Chain Letter Collective

In this dystopian America, where fear, hate, and uncertainty seem to have metastasized into every life, punk rock has never felt so vital. One band setting the bar particularly high is Los Angeles’s own dimber, who hit the ground running on this debut 7” EP. Alive with all of the urgency, intensity, and confrontational righteousness of hardcore and delivered with the melodic sensibilities of the best pop punk bands, dimber erupts off of the wax on these four songs. For those that heard the quartet’s ear-catching demo tape last year, the new EP finds the band tighter, sharper and enjoying the recording quality they deserve. Though their songs deal with frustration, anger, and disappointment with the world and the current state of society, none of them sound dejected or hopeless. In fact, these songs come across as lifelines, or hands outstretched to those suffering most in these times. They offer solidarity, support, or—at the very least—acknowledgement that we all deserve the opportunity to be our true selves without fear of persecution. dimber explores hardship in their music, but they do it with love, and as strong as the urge is to hate these days, ultimately love will be what gets us through.

—Simon Weedn