July 17th, 2017 | Album reviews

self-titled EP
Stones Throw

“I ain’t got no friends / I’m too confident,” muses Sudan Archives on “Wake Up,” the lazy river of a track that closes out her debut EP. Indeed, the violinist wields her instrument with swagger and confidence—though her playing style is unorthodox, there is something uncannily classic about the sounds she creates and evokes. Organic glitches, dank percussion, deliberately placed vocal filters and of course the sweep of strings come together to define a singular little world, invented by an artist completely comfortable in her own skin. Her lyrics are vague but more poetic for it, and through the six tracks on this EP she expresses curiosity, compassion, uncertainty, lust and self-satisfaction in catchy harmonized stanzas. While each track is rhythmically rich, it occasionally flirts with a club groove, as on the first single, “Come Meh Way”. The syncopated claps, rich punctuated bass, and the flash of tambourine underneath the canopy woven by her urgent bow strokes make for a lush listening experience. Six tracks, each running shorter than 4 minutes, merely whet the appetite for this unique sound, and hopefully they only scratch the surface of what we’ll come to see from her. The confidence that may intimidate those would-be friends comes from a musician with something to truly be proud of.

—Christina Gubala