April 11th, 2017 | Album reviews

Dichotomy Desaturated
In The Red

Charlie Moothart has returned with his second solo record for In The Red. Most everybody knows Charlie as being in various bands with a certain much-loved L.A. garage-psych artist, but CFM is Charlie’s and Charlie’s alone. On Dichotomy Desaturated, Charlie seems to be channeling a feeling I can only describe as weariness. In no way is this to suggest that this album is unfocused and boring; it is suggesting that Charlie might have had it with the human condition, or—more directly—people. This disillusionment has folded itself into the music Charlie is creating here. There seems to be a dislocation from others that has served as a focus to make this work of art more whole in some respects. This album expands the sound a bit for a CFM record, beginning with the acoustic “Dichotomy” and expanding from this point. There’s even a suite on the record, which is a welcome surprise. But I can’t get away from the emotional component: a search seems to be taking place, perhaps seeking of catharsis and release, which seems to manifest in the meanderings of “Dead Weight”, the penultimate number on the album. Dichotomy Desaturated is a journey through the heart of a lonely hunter, in pursuit of clarity as well as agency.

—Nathan Martel