June 17th, 2014 | Album reviews

Rock & Roll Voodoo Queen
Golden Joy Records

If you like this kind of thing–if you like big, BIG female vocals, and the Black Crowes, and old-school Tina Turner, and Foghat, and Grand Funk Railroad, and Joe Walsh, and old-school Linda Ronstadt–you will love this. You might love it more than any of the bands above! Funkyjenn has a great voice and a “big wheel keep on turnin'” cadence to most of these songs, and a crack band behind her who have played with Warren Zevon and Springsteen and the Spencer Davis Group and, yeah, Joe Walsh. My only regrets here are that some of her original songs are tantalizingly titled as if they’re covers when they’re not, e.g. “Boom Boom” and “Nashville, TN.” This thing veers a little more towards Americana rock than to soul, which may explain why she thanks the Mint and the Grand Ole Echo in her liner notes.

-D. M. Collins