March 10th, 2014 | Album reviews


Ah, isn’t romance the cutest? 90’s veteran and “queen of lo-fi” Azalia Snail, who’s worked with everyone from Sebadoh to the King Missile dude to one of the Haden sisters, now partners with her new fiancĂ©e, Dan West. West’s also a singer-songwriter, but more of a psychedelic veteran from the L.A. pop underground; the result is a collaboration that feels more like an Azalia Snail album than like a Dan West album, and yet both artists benefit from the mix. In Azalia, Dan has a focus and a reason to refine his talents, and in Dan, Azalia has a multi-instrumentalist who seems to have given her songs a solid backing, making this not so much “accessible” as “sturdy.” There’s still plenty of confessional, almost awkward song craft, so don’t worry. Not since Wings wrote “Silly Love Songs” has a couple captured a love so sugary and yet so recognizable to those who have ever tasted the good stuff.

-D. M. Collins