February 22nd, 2013 | Album reviews

The Centimeters
Hits on Earth: 1993-2003

Even those of us who were around at a time when the Centimeters soaked the stages of goth rock concerts, Cacophony Society functions, and Mr. T’s Bowl with cacklingly evil vocals, Minimal Man synths, somber violins, and gloomy, drug-fueled guitar jangles probably don’t have all these songs, spread as they were over a few albums and EPs and, perhaps, across the detritus-strewn floor of singer Greg Gomberg’s Koreatown bedroom for years and years and years. It’s odd to think that a band that never smiled on stage, except in contempt for all that was pure and holy, could bring so much joy to its fans. But there are people who are peeing themselves to see a return, even in the form of a greatest hits and a few new live shows, of the dynamic duo of Gomberg and Nora Keyes and the lost boys (and girls) who brought their songs to life right on the cusp of the George W. years. If you’re one of those fans, you already knew to go buy this. And if you’re not, get the album, and join us.

D.M. Collins