February 22nd, 2013 | Album reviews

Amy Hagemeier

Regal Degal
Veritable Who’s Who
Post Present Medium

It’s a classic tale, and one often told. A group of young men make the trek out west to Tinsel Town in search of fame and possible fortune. Results may vary, but the climax of the story is typically less than what was waged and by act three, reality has delivered a lip-quivering groin kick to all parties involved. However, when indie trio Regal Degal traded in taxis and pizza for floral prints and palm trees and migrated from Brooklyn to Eagle Rock almost a year ago, they recorded music that sets them on course for a tsunami-sized wave of a climax and they already have their protective cups on. On their full-length debut, Veritable Who’s Who, off of Post Present Medium, the group has made a ten-track feast from the open-faced buffet that is musical genre in the information age. The songs venture from lo-fi post-punk to indie pop to garage with a dash of surf rock welded in with none other than good ol’-fashioned riffage. Frontman, Josh da Costa, sings in a Modern Lovers matter-of-factly tone with humor in tow while his bandmates, Josiah Wolfson and Jamen Whitelock, pluck and pummel their bass and drums in a percussive rampage. It’s a good showing when a team of ambitious youngsters can cruise out to the left coast and find success in a sunnier climate. It makes for adventure and a story to tell the grandkids. While so many do crash and burn at times, a select few match that ambition with a particular x-factor. In Regal Degal’s case, that x-factor is talent.

Adam Chardis