February 21st, 2013 | Album reviews

Lulu Biazus

Moon Moods
Critical Heights

Simply put, Diva Dompe is trippy. Her website is decorated with an astral-themed, color-splashed background complete with a beam of light emanating from a man’s head, she blogs about sleep paralysis giving her the ability to see and hear other dimensional beings, and she croons about falling in love with robots. That said, she does the crooning over toe-tapping drum beats and shoulder-swaying basslines with a sort of melodic ease. Simply put, Diva Dompe’s songs are catchy. Originally recorded on 8-track cassette, the former Pocahaunted member’s second solo album, Moon Moods, is comprised of an infectious blend of retro-futuristic tracks that span from 80s pop to galactic gothic. Think Amy Grant doing the soundtrack to A Clockwork Orange. She does it in a ghostly echo that’s bare and genuine; a stripped-down recording that instills a sense of private intimacy as if you’re eavesdropping on Dompe singing in her garden. Her pitch rises and falls in melodies that are impossible to shake, and the accompaniment of ten very danceable backing beats is an added bonus. Diva has achieved a level of candor through a lonely voice on Moon Moods (see the faux-Skype style video for “Wanna Get to Know You”). It’s simple, it’s DIY, and it’s trusting. She’s the transient hippie with a heart of gold, and we’re better off grabbing her hand and boogying than questioning her methods. “You are me and I am you,” Dompe writes on her blog, “look into my eyes, let’s get the knowledge of ourselves.” Whatever the hell that means.

Adam Chardis