May 14th, 2012 | Album reviews

“Role Play” 7”
Neurotic Yell
Raw Geronimo are on the attack with their new release, “Role Play.” Fronted by the energetic Laena Geronimo, the band proves they can play to the garage-pop leanings of their previous effort, 2011’s “Faustine.” Geronimo’s vocals are a marriage of Karen O and Toni Basil. The twang of Andrew Scarborough’s guitar is evenly matched with the tight drumming of Michael Rudes. The A-side is tenacious, but just when you think you have this band pegged as another lo-fi beach band, they turn you on your ear with the flip side of the disc, “Shot on the Spot.” As if they were blown straight off the wind-swept ponderosa of a Sergio Leone flick, Raw Geronimo deliver their own spaghetti western strut. Laena’s sultry lyrics hypnotize, a fine effect, while her bandmates synthesize the grandeur of a Man With No Name epic to a tight clip just shy of three minutes. After hearing two such varying styles, it will be interesting to see what Raw Geronimo can do with an entire album.
—Paul Rodarte