April 11th, 2011 | Album reviews

shawn malone

Download Daylong Valleys of the Nile “Life Out Of Bounds”


(from the Daylong Valleys of the Nile demo available here)

Steve, Jeff and Ron—the piano/guitar/drums trio that can turn into Lavender Diamond when you put Becky Stark singing with them—plus Bedroom Walls’ Jeff Kwong planted ten Daylong songs in two days. It’ll be an album soon, but it’s a four-song demo now and you should download it over and over so you can have a copy on each of your various devices. Everyone is saying this sounds like Tiger Mountain Eno, but everyone is right so that’s a reason to be happy. Warm jets lead the start of “Gossamer Station,” the second half of “Memory Bank,” or the verse of “Nick of Time,” all of which loop-the-loop vintage Enoisms the same way a dozen killing punk bands did with the Ramones. And of course there’s good propulsive Roxy Music rockin’, too—giant Manzanera guitar leads that erupt right from the earth itself. But there’s also some kinda link back to L.A. bands like Suburban Lawns or the Eyes—too art for just punk, too punk for just art; collectibility was their destiny!—and maybe even some of the really Velvets-upped paisley bands: the Dream Syndicate’s first EP seems like it ends up at the same place as Daylong for most of the same reasons. The lyrics are completely crucial here, too, reading like fragments of new wave sci-fi by Ballard or Brunner and inspiring Penguin-delic paperback covers to match. (“In the skyscraper name light there was water on your cheek/but we both were illusive/as we ducked in a rat hole and the sentries let us pass/It was like we were flying …”) That’s why this works—it isn’t a copy but the actual thing itself, except emerging so far out of time that there’s nothing much like it left. That’d be a good idea for one of their songs, too. This is great and the album will be something you can live on for days.

—Chris Ziegler