March 14th, 2011 | Album reviews

Lindsey Salazar

Jeremiah Jae “$easons”
(from Rappayamatantra EP out on March 22 on Brainfeeder)

Jeremiah Jae’s spirit curls up when he listens to radio rap. It’s an involuntary reaction not to the style but the substance—the auto-tuned odes to anatomy, the excess in every possible sense. His Rappayamatantra EP isn’t a response to that overindulgence; rather, it’s an expression of otherness, a pseudo-rap statement meant to connect his mostly instrumental DXNCE EP and his upcoming full-length Raw Money Raps. Musically, Jeremiah Jae is Teebs’ foil—he refracts the snowy beauty of Teebs’ found Christmas sounds into hissing feedback and bass that climbs up your wall like an eight-pound spider. “Kings Bop” explores the deepest recesses of man, like some kind of dubbed-out jazz echoing from a jungle cave while a walkie-talkie crackles with foreign-language chatter. “Guns Go Off” is the first track with Jae as MC, a reflection on the perils of getting trapped in time. “$easons” chisels away at the prison walls of the mind; “Stones Passage” hangs overhead like a warbling UFO before dissolving into doo-wop. None of Jae’s rhymes will lodge themselves in your brain, but his music will: gnarled knots of sound that scrape clean the grime from your skull.

—Miles Clements