November 29th, 2010 | Album reviews

dale dreiling

Baths “Maximalist”
(From Cerulean out now on Anticon)

Close your eyes. Breathe. Now go to your soothing place. Can’t find it? Just listen to Baths’ Cerulean, the first full-length under this name for Will Wiesenfeld, the brains behind [Post-foetus]. While his former project explored what he could do with instruments, this one explores what he can do with electro. Inspired by Daedelus (who led him to the Anticon label), Baths is a part of the new electro movement; instead of creating “club bangers,” Wiesenfeld uses his knowledge of classical and contemporary music to create thoughtful electro that fits somewhere in between dub-step and indie. Each track flows perfectly in to the next, with little birds chirping on “Rain Smell” and light wooden flute during “Seaside Town,” like a Pure Moods CD that doesn’t annoy—at least until you get to “Palatial Disappointment.” And quite a disappointment it is! This track and “Departure” sound like early Bright Eyes, and were better left for [Post-foetus]. Despite these two skippable tracks, Cerulean is still beautifully crafted.

—Ilyse Kaplan