March 19th, 2010 | Album reviews

Download: The Deepsea Goes “There Is No Space”

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(from Oraoneiroi out now on Transnational Debate)

Rock musicians in the late ’90s were preoccupied with making a soundtrack to the rapture that was surely right around the corner. But a decade or so later, we seem hell-bent on erasing the memory of that millennial fear—our faux-disco anthems merely celebrating the postponement of our annihilation, our cloying ballads dwelling on the melodrama of teenage lovers. So it’s particularly refreshing to hear the Deepsea Goes’ Oraoneiroi, a brash and belligerent reminder that times are as tense now—if not more so—than they were when Y2K loomed. This is music for burning buildings to the ground, smashing police car windows, and attacking anyone in sight. The eleven-track album is relentless. Melody takes a backseat to the visceral power and unhinged intensity of the two-piece, who could frighten the most hardcore of hardcore bands with their thunderous charge. Each song title begins with “There is No …” just in case the abrasiveness of their sound didn’t fully convey the fatalism.

—Amorn Bholsangngam