February 17th, 2010 | Album reviews

Download: Ernest Gonzales “Dancing In The Snow”


(from Been Meaning To Tell You out now on Friends of Friends)

For their first full-length release, local label Friends Of Friends opted for 42.6 minutes of digital bliss by Exponential Records producer Ernest Gonzales. Every instrumental track title on Been Meaning To Tell You captures the feeling evoked by well-crafted guitar and electronics songs. From beat-boxing on a snowy sidewalk to drawing “Etchasketch Trees,” these jams slow down a casual lucid observation the way a haiku freezes a moment in time. Imagine Tim Roth as the “Psychedelic Bellhop.” He grabs the luggage, blinks, and his go-go-gadget legs stretch out of his shoes, shooting his body 30 flights up around a staircase. A cloud opens and rains precious gems around your ears as “Emerald Nova” cascades over a jungle rhythm. Gonzales inserts dance music riffs in his soundscapes only in ways that serve the atmospheric ideas. You can see what you hear without a narrator. The guitar comes close to speaking on “We Can Live In The Forest” and “Untitled Love Song,” both of which feel cuddly as dreams. “I’m Here You’re There” might be a balcony scene between an 808 and a Super NES. Sounds build as more coins appear for Mario to collect on the back of his trusty steed, Yoshi, before he can reach his blonde Princess. All is done with taste and precision—there’s nothing heavy-handed on this puppy.
—Daiana Feuer