October 25th, 2009 | Album reviews


Download: Fool’s Gold “Surprise Hotel”


(from Fool’s Gold S/T LP available now from IAMSOUND)

The Hebrew ch sound travels up from the diaphragm, which some believe to be the seat of the soul, and stops at the back of your throat. The mouth then becomes as wet as the Mediterranean Sea. So consider the voice as a beach, but think of it in Hebrew and arrive then at the opening licks of “Surprise Hotel.” Lewis Pesacov’s guitar speeds up as the song progresses, sounding more and more like a steel drum, while singer Luke Top keeps pace on his bass. These two horses gallop down the shore where a band of dancing musicians with faces painted awaits, bursting at the seams from gorging on hummus and arak and Echo Park taco truck cuisine. Live, Fool’s Gold turns a room upside down with sexy hip-rolling, but on the recording the details pull dainty flower petals from peduncle. Chanting and drums support the sunshine on “The World Is All There Is,” urging it to peek over the smoggy mountains of L.A. just as it does in Africa and China and Brazil. “Poseidon” evokes some Far East feelings before “Yam Lo Moshech” inconspicuously strolls over to Stevie Wonder-land, then unfurls into the stormy, horny “Night Dancing.” (I mean “horny” like the brass kind. Okay, the kinky kind too. Sex at this intensity is awesome.) When “Momentary Shelter” shakes us out, so many toxins are released that we sink into relaxation. IAMSOUND—typically associated with Little Boots and Telepathe—may be an unexpected home for Fool’s Gold, but as a label that refuses to be pigeon-holed, it in fact fits quite sensibly. Plus, they’ll probably take the band to Japan wearing new shoes.

—Daiana Feuer